JVA Brokers Limited (JVA) Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) 28 Disclosure

Trading Venues

JVA trades Futures and Options admitted to Trading on a Trading Venue for its clients. JVA currently trades on two trading venues for its clients, the LME (number one Trading Venue) and the CME.

Execution Factors

JVA’s brokers have the appropriate knowledge and competency, allowing them to assess how to prioritise a range of execution factors to achieve the best result for an order. JVA’s brokers are not required to search and compare trading venues, as its Clients are predominately seeking LME Exchange registered contracts. JVA’s client relationships are long standing which means that their brokers have extensive knowledge of their clients trading including their choice of Trading Venue. Execution does not differ based upon client classification. The table below sets out the execution criteria and their importance ranked with one being the most important and five the least.

PriceCostsSpeedLikelihood of executionLiquidity

JVA does not receive any remuneration, discount, or non-monetary benefit from routing client orders to a Trading Venue. There are no close links, conflicts of interest and common ownership with respect to any execution venue used to execute client orders.

Aggressive and Passive Orders

(20%) of JVA ‘s client orders are Aggressive and (80%) are Passive